Jump Back on the Mat

Jump back on the mat at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts with our new Fall schedule that has been in effect since August 1st. Back to school enrollment also began when Hutto ISD reopened, which was on August 11th. Students can now choose to train on the mat or virtually at home via Zoom! The following guidelines […]

Start the School Year off Right with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants all of our members and students to be safe while utilizing the facility. That is why we have taken the proper steps to keep you and your family safe. With back to school starting, Tiger-Rock will follow a drop-off and pick-up system to limit the number of bodies coming in and […]

How Children Benefit from Tae – Kwon – Do

Get your kids back focused and disciplined for the school year. With all that has happened this year, it is essential to find balance and peace within. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Fall schedule has been active since August 1st. Back to school enrollment began with Hutto ISD on August 11th. Additionally, Tiger-Rock is licensed by the […]

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is Back!

Tiger-Rock is back and better than ever with a fresh Fall schedule and new options for our members. Learn self-defense the right way when you choose Tiger-Rock Martial Arts and students. It is an absolute honor to be the After-School Program provider of choice for the Hutto community. Tiger-Rock is licensed by the Texas Department […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Focus

Children are easily distracted. If the task at hand is boring, then they will lose interest right away. Their attention will shift to a more exciting topic, such as a pet, TV, or video game. Improved focus can help your child perform better in school, but these skills are not always covered well in the […]

The Importance of Self-Defense Training

Here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we believe self-defense training is one of the essential skills you can learn from our programs. Students of all ages learn how to defend themselves with our certified instructors at the helm. Our world is an ever-changing place and can be dangerous at times. Self-defense training not only helps you […]

The Impact Stress Has on Our Lives

Stress has a significant impact on our lives. Daily stressors such as work and school are common among everyone. However, these daily activities can be enough to cause cognitive, physical, and behavioral problems. The significance of these problems can affect your life in a variety of ways. Prolonged stress has the greatest impact on our […]

How to Generate Healthy Competition in Kids

Healthy competition helps improve the experience for everyone in sports, games, school, and even the workplace. Children can learn a lot from healthy competition, which is why it is so meaningful they learn through their parents, teachers, and instructors. The skills obtainable through healthy competition are not obtainable in a few days. Instead, it takes […]

Summer Camp With Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

It is that time of year again when all the children are out of school and are looking for something to do. Luckily, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has just the thing. This summer, we are offering a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Summer Camp for summer 2020. Here your children will enjoy learning martial arts and meeting new […]

Training Virtually Via ZOOM

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is now offering training virtually through ZOOM. Many martial arts academies are currently closed for safety reasons. However, offering virtual training allows us to keep our students on track with their lessons. Despite training through ZOOM, students will still get the same benefits. Our virtual training classes will include daily martial […]