Tiger-Rock Martial Arts wants all of our members and students to be safe while utilizing the facility.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are back with our after school programs.

That is why we have taken the proper steps to keep you and your family safe.

  • With back to school starting, Tiger-Rock will follow a drop-off and pick-up system to limit the number of bodies coming in and out of the facility.
  • Temperature screenings are a requirement upon entry. 100.0 or above fevers cannot participate and will not be able to return for at least 24 hours symptom-free.
  • Consistent temperature checks will be taken throughout lessons. Consistent sanitizing and washing hands will be practiced as well.
  • Face coverings are a requirement for all students.
  • Tiger-Rock also takes social distancing extremely serious.

Physical and Mental Advancements of Martial Arts

The mind: To understand this practice, you must have discipline and focus to understand the forms. Reaction time, processing, and eye coordination are all fundamental techniques to learn and master in this practice.

Builds character: Tae kwon do training encourages you to focus on character qualities such as cooperation, loyalty, integrity, perseverance, self-control, gratitude, etc.

Strengthens the body: Kicking, punching, blocking, training, and stretching all result in higher levels of fitness. Additionally, it enhances a sense of balance and heightens your reflexes while improving your coordination and flexibility.

Increases Self-Esteem: Doing this practice alone encourages the student to take full control of their life. This sense of control and property will cause a boost in confidence.

Self-defense: When practicing this particular martial art, students are more able to point out situations where it is necessary to defend themselves. Learning how to react to different situations can be useful in your life.

Communication Advancements Martial Arts

Leadership skills: Students are conditioned with these principles upon starting the class. Honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, courage, humility, strength, and knowledge. The earlier you learn these principles, the more developed you will be in life.

Coping with letdowns: Learning to take your failures as lessons instead of defeat is another critical factor in Tae kwon do. Life will never be a series of wins, but it is a journey of failures and victories. Picking yourself up and learning and trying again builds your character while also humbling you.

Building communication skills: Sparring and other factors of Tae kwon do require students to interact with their peers as well as instructors. This practice can also help children learn how to deal with a bully and how no to be one themselves.

Teaches honor: This particular martial art instills the importance of respect for each student. This is important for children participants as they have so many entities to which they must respect and answer each day.

To find out more about Tae Kwon Do or to inquire about the services we offer here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, be sure to give us a call at (512) 846-1112. The fall schedule is officially in effect since August 1st.