Children are easily distracted. If the task at hand is boring, then they will lose interest right away. Their attention will shift to a more exciting topic, such as a pet, TV, or video game. Improved focus can help your child perform better in school, but these skills are not always covered well in the classroom.

So, you can take steps to improve your child’s focus by following the tips below. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also helps students learn how to focus. Our instructors are experts in teaching martial arts, so parents know their efforts are being reinforced.

Make the Environment Distraction-Free

red-headed, smiling child

Your child’s focus will improve with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ programs.

In order for your child to focus, they need to have as few distractions as possible. The ringing of a phone or the barking of a dog can easily take their attention away from the task at hand. So, limit these distractions as much as possible. Turn your phone on silent, ensure the dog is in another part of the house, and keep other potential distractions to a minimum.

Divide Large Tasks

If you have asked your child to pick up their room, then it may be very daunting for them. To them, their room is large, and the amount of clutter could be a factor in their willingness to perform the task. For that reason, you should divide larger tasks into smaller ones. Have your child make their bed first. This helps them concentrate on a small part of their room. Afterward, have them pick up toys, fold clothes, and organize their desk. Apply this trick to their homework too. Reduce the number of paragraphs they need to read at a time. This gives them small goals to accomplish without looming over their head.

Take Breaks

Taking a break from a task is known to increase concentration and the willingness to complete the job. After your child has completed small goals, give them time to take a break. Distractions during breaks are good as it lets their mind take a break from the task. Once they return, they will be refreshed and happy to complete the next portion of the task.

Following Directions at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

In order for students to be successful at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, they need to focus. Focusing will give the opportunity to listen to the instructor and then follow their directions. Without this focus, students are unable to complete the tasks at hand.

If you want your child to learn other essential life skills than just focus, you can enroll them in a Tiger-Rock program. Call us today at (512) 846-1112. Ask us about our Tiger-Cubs and Juniors program.