Stress has a significant impact on our lives. Daily stressors such as work and school are common among everyone. However, these daily activities can be enough to cause cognitive, physical, and behavioral problems. The significance of these problems can affect your life in a variety of ways.

Prolonged stress has the greatest impact on our lives as it can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and affects the immune system. Stress-related conditions can be serious and life-changing. For that reason, you must manage stress to live a healthier life.

Behavioral Impact

striking drills

Striking and kicking drills are a great way to transfer your stress into energy.

Your behavior can give a sign of your levels of stress. Prolonged levels of stress can lead to outward bursts of anger, drug abuse, overeating, undereating, a lack of exercise, and less social interaction. Most importantly, these symptoms can lead to greater problems with your health on a social and physical level.

Physical Impact

As aforementioned, stress is capable of affecting your body’s immune system. This is caused by hormones released by your body’s response to the stress. A compromised immune system is detrimental to your health. You can easily become sick as your immune system is unable to fight off foreign pathogens as well. Common stress-related symptoms include tiredness, insomnia, headaches, chest pains, and muscle aches.

Cognitive Impact

The cognitive effects stress has on your brain are problematic for daily life. Memory problems and poor judgment are just two symptoms you can expect from stress. Stress also causes an inability to focus, decreases self-confidence, and makes you indecisive. The symptoms of stress create a chain reaction across all areas of health in your body. For that reason, you should consider finding ways to manage stress as best as possible.

Managing Stress

Now, stress is not avoidable, but it can be managed. One of the best ways you can reduce stress is through exercise, and what better way is there to exercise than martial arts. Martial arts are known to reduce stress through sparring, kicking, and striking drills.

Furthermore, martial arts can improve focus, boost physical fitness, and provide a social environment. It is these benefits you need to ward off large amounts of stress. Contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today if you are interested in reducing your stress. You can reach us by calling (512) 846-1112. Ask us about our Kids, Teens, and Adults programs.