Children and Teen Martial Arts at TRMA

Get your kids back focused and disciplined for the school year. With all that has happened this year, it is essential to find balance and peace within. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Fall schedule has been active since August 1st. Back to school enrollment began with Hutto ISD on August 11th. Additionally, Tiger-Rock is licensed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission to provide the best care and protection for your child.

New Safety Guidelines for On The Mat Training

  • Hands must be washed upon entering any Tiger-Rock facility
  • Remember to practice social distancing, maintaining 6 ft. between you and other individuals while in the facility
  • All students must wear mat shoes
  • Practice cleaning and disinfecting gear before and following a lesson
  • Face coverings are required upon entering the facility

Read further to learn how Tae-kwon-do can benefit your child’s growth mentally and physically.


Confidence is an aspect that many people have to learn to have. Throughout the art of Tae kwon do, you can expect a rise in your self-esteem by merely accomplishing goals in each practice. Tae kwon do teach self-discipline and confidence that can be utilized in any part of your life. Children are always excited to receive accolades for great work. Furthermore, practicing martial arts each week will encourage them to want to grow at each level to acquire a new belt. In reality, knowing that you can defend yourself will help your self-esteem. Confidence alone can deter potential attackers or potential conflict.


Developed speed and power through martial arts can be sufficient when used in a self-defense situation against the attacker. The hand and foot techniques of Tae Kwon Do are the fundamentals of the practice that can assist you in dangerous situations.


Children generally have a hard time paying attention or following directions, especially the younger they are. Tae kwon do assist children in learning the importance of following directions. Listening is a critical skill that many people overlook. This helps youth learn to listen and reverence their instruction. This attentiveness can carry over into schoolwork and daily duties at home.

Conclusively, contact Tiger-Rock Martial Arts at (512) 846-1112 today to learn more about the practice and the services that we offer for children and teens.