Training Virtually Via ZOOM

Get your summer on the right track by enrolling in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts virtual training classes.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is now offering training virtually through ZOOM. Many martial arts academies are currently closed for safety reasons. However, offering virtual training allows us to keep our students on track with their lessons. Despite training through ZOOM, students will still get the same benefits.

Our virtual training classes will include daily martial arts/ fitness classes, personal development lessons, weekly challenges, and more. Social interaction and networking are important tools. Therefore, Tiger Rock provides moderated online discussion topics for its students.

Tiger-Rock’s martial arts academy in Hutto, TX has taken the martial arts experience to another level. Our programs focus on increasing fitness, physical precision, and self-empowerment. When you enroll in our courses, you learn much more than just how to fight and defend yourself.

There is nothing more discouraging than starting a new hobby and then having no way to continue the practice. Now, our students can tune in and continue to develop their skills. Our instructors train all year round, which allows them to be ready for anything. Our training programs are comprehensive and will be easy to follow.

Training Virtually Via ZOOM

Training Virtually Via ZOOM.

Preparing For Virtual Training

When training from home, students will have to listen attentively and pay close attention to their stances. This will be an excellent opportunity to test your discipline in a different way. Without your trainer being physically present, students will have to rely on their inner compass for certain exercises.

Although certain locations of ours are open, we are offering virtual training for those who are not yet ready to be around others. Our programs are structured to help you grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even virtually, we maintain a positive atmosphere that is full of encouragement. Right now, we are offering complimentary lessons for two weeks.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is the best place when it comes to martial arts training. Please contact them at (512) 846-1112, or you can read more about their academy by checking out their about tab. If you are already a member, you can check your details and classes on their member page.