With a new year comes a new beginning — what better way to start than joining a fitness group. However, not just any fitness group. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts focuses on physical and mental discipline. Why not join a class that can help you in multiple aspects of your life? We have people of all ages, develop and implement techniques to help them in real-life situations. By preparing for scenarios that put you in a vulnerable predicament, you can defend yourself better. After all, you never know when you might need to fend off an attacker when the time comes.

Martial Arts classes and training

Make this New Years Resolution the one that brings you a healthy body

Hence, the more prepared you are, the better. For example, if you’re walking to your car alone one night, a predator can see that as an opportunity to strike. When they lunge at you with a weapon such as a knife, it would be useful to know techniques to get you out of the situation. A high block to their wrist when they try to slash or stab from a high angle would be useful. Also, knowing how to pivot your foot and move away from the knife’s motion can save your life.

Prepare for Anything Ahead

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts aids in self-defense

With Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you can even learn how to take control of the situation by grabbing the wrist after pivoting to take control of the weapon or use their momentum for a takedown. These simple, yet effective techniques only scratch the surface of what you can be capable of from joining our classes. Of course, when in dangerous situations, it’s best to run in the sight of danger. However, if your attacker doesn’t give you an option, knowing how to fend for yourself makes all the difference before a bad situation turns worse. Our instructors and staff dedicate themselves to their students.

Self-defense is critical to know even today. Fortunately, our ancestors who studied different styles of martial arts have passed down their teachings to our modern era. Because of their discipline and contribution to the art, we’re able to use these techniques to teach generations today. Self-empowerment and confidence are essential when facing fear. Therefore, these principles are embedded in our teachings to stand in the face of adversity. Call (512) 846-1112 if you’d like to learn self-defense. All of our instructors and staff will help prepare you mentally and physically for anything to come.