If you’re interested in Tiger-Rock and would like to become a student of the craft, you’d probably want info about the teachers. Mark Hatchett is an owner and one of the instructors of Tiger-Rock Martial arts in Hutto, TX. As a fifth-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, he has more than his fair share in improving his skills. Karen Hatchett is another owner and staff director who greatly aids in the endeavor Tiger-Rock strives to achieve for all of its disciples.

Instructors of Tiger-Rock

Certified Instructors of the Art

There are also more people in the staff striving for the best for their students. Other instructors greatly aid in the agenda of developing unique individuals. Their passion drives others to dedicate themselves to the discipline. With such qualified individuals, it’s hard not to be inspired by the all-star team of Tiger-Rock!

Instructors such as David Jones also support the dojo in Hutto, TX. He is a third-degree level one black belt. His certification and experience will aid you in improving your skill and drive. As third-degree level four black belt, Dustin Lee is able to motivate the inner warrior within you. We all strive to be better and Lee is one instructor willing to get you to that point. Brandon Fish is a level three red belt who is capable of shaping you into the person you know you can be.

Techniques isn’t the only area capable of giving you the healthier lifestyle you want. Tiger-Rock Martial arts is also capable of giving you the strength and conditioning you need. As a certified personal trainer, Lisa Donovan excels in understanding the body. Her expertise lies in knowing when and where the body needs development. This knowledge aids to improve your fit lifestyle.

Back to School Martial Arts Classes

Back to School Martial Arts Classes

Join the Team

If this all-star team has given you the motivation you need to start your new self-defense path, sign up today! They are dedicated to teaching all ages as well as teens and adults. Don’t miss the opportunity for self-improvement under these instructors. It’s an activity and way of life you will love to experience.