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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art form that originated thousands of years ago around 50 B.C. The practice was perfected to help protect the Silla kingdom against Japanese pirates.

The martial art was originally only practiced in the Koguryo kingdom and later adopted by the Hwarang warriors. The men then set up a military academy for the sons of royalty or Hwarang-do. The Hwarang studied Taekkyon, history, Confucian philosophy, ethics, Buddhist morality, and much more while learning military tactics.

Additionally, they were guided by principles of the Hwarang-do, and advancement was based on the Five Codes of Human Conduct written by a Buddhist scholar. Therefore, these principles focused on education, social skills, and the study of Taekkyon. Now those same codes correlate with the “Eleven Commandments” of modern-day Taekwondo, which are:

  • Loyalty to your homeland (country)
  • Respect your parents
  • Loyalty/faithfulness to your lover or spouse
  • Loyalty to friends
  • Respect for peers
  • Respect for teachers
  • Do not take life unjustly
  • Indomitable spirit
  • Finishing what you start
  • Loyalty to your academy
  • Respect other adults/your elders

Fun Facts About Taekwondo

  • The literal translation of Taekwondo is “the way of the hand and foot.” Therefore, practitioners are only using their hands and feet as weapons. Additionally, Taekwondo training generally consists of learning kicks, punches, blocks, and open-hand strikes. Therefore, the students get to practice physical skills and techniques while learning the tenets of Taekwondo that focus on significant character traits everyone should aspire to have.
  • Taekwondo is one out of two martial arts that are apart of the Olympics. (Judo is the other) Taekwondo was featured as a sport of demonstration in the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul. Additionally, Taekwondo became an Olympic sport in 2000.
  • Taekwondo is a part of training in the South Korean military for combat.
  • Taekwondo has appeared in many Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Van Damme, and many other action film icons’ movies.

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