After School Programs For the Hutto Community

After School Programs For the Hutto Community.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is proud to be the primary after school choice for the Hutto community. Our academy is authorized by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission to give the best care and security for your child. You can’t go wrong by choosing us.

Kids love the challenge of a martial arts environment; our facilities can give them that and more. No matter your age, martial arts is something you can pick up now and practice throughout your lifetime. Not to mention, you learn valuable life skills through the practice of karate.

Although the environment can be demanding, our specialized instructors are experts at creating a positive atmosphere for everyone to thrive in. Martial arts will develop your mental, emotional, and physical state. The lessons you will learn at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy are ones that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Our after school program is the perfect cap to any day. Our rates are reasonable and fit the level of quality classes you will be participating in. We understand how busy our students’ lives can get. That is why we offer class-flexibility and training times that work with your schedule, as well as weekend classes.

After School Programs For the Hutto Community

Our after school program is the perfect activity for your child.

Program Fees & Additional Information

The TaeKwonDo Plus Membership allows your child to come to any class offered six days a week. Students will also be able to participate in demos, tournaments, and other activities. For one child, the membership fee is $119 per month. Any family member additions are 1/2 off.

Our after school program operates on a first-come, first available waiting list. To secure your child’s spot, fill out an application, sign a billing agreement, and pay startup cost(s). It is essential to note that simply filling in your name will not guarantee your child’s spot.

Additionally, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts does not require the signing of any kind of longterm contracts. You can cancel the after school program at any time you choose with a 60-day notice. Here are some brief benefits of our after school programs:

  • Studies show that Martial Arts education can help your child develop confidence and improve leadership skills necessary in life.
  • Suitable after school Martial Arts lessons.
  • Safe and reliable transportation to the academy
  • Daily Martial Arts lesson
  • Snack provided
  • Homework assistance available
  • Fun
  • Early Release Day Pickup
  • Check out time is by 6:30 pm

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is the best option when it comes to martial arts training. Please contact them at (512) 846-1112, or you can read more about their academy by checking out their about tab. If you are already a TKD Plus member, you can check your details and classes on their member page.