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"I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Tiger-Rock of Hutto! I have seen tremendous changes in my son since he began just a short time back. You all are giving him wonderful guidance, training and support! We LOVE Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Hutto!"

Tracye Orange


"I've been learning TaeKwonDo from Mark Hatchett for the past 2 yrs. He is an excellent instructor who cares about his students, offers challenges and gives the attention needed to facilitate learning. The facility itself bright and clean. I would recommend Hutto TKD+ to anyone interested in learning a marshal art."

Ms. Klassen


"Hutto TaeKwonDo Plus is a great place for children and adults alike. All of the instructors are well-versed in this art form and share their knowledge in such a way that it is easily comprehendible. The school itself possesses a welcoming atmosphere, bestowing upon its students not only the basic principles of Taekwondo but also self-confidence, courtesy, and perseverance. One-on-one training with the instructors is a common occurrence at this school, something that is not always prevalent at other martial arts schools. Overall, this school has an exceptional program that imparts its high standards of excellence onto its student"


"Everyone succumbs to stress; to say otherwise would be a lie. Back in middle school, I felt that my stress level had reached its summit. I suffered from the exploits of tyrannical teachers as well as from my peers' indifference towards my existence. My mother suggested enrollment in an extracurricular activity in order to stem my irritation. I ended up joining a martial art, Taekwondo, and quickly found that it placated me. At first, I felt awkward as a white belt, sandwiched in a room with higher-ranking belts. However, all the higher ranks were kind to me, and with their guidance I was swiftly able to accumulate insight which caused me to grow stronger both physically and mentally. Without the assistance of the single person who helped me the most in this journey, Mark Hatchett, I feel that I would not possess nearly the same amount of self-confidence that I have today. When I began practicing Taekwondo, Mr. Hatchett was a black belt, the highest color rank that one can achieve in Taekwondo and most other martial arts. Of the several instructors that I had, he was the one who I enjoyed working with the most. He never neglected to teach me all that he knew about this art form, and he presented the material in such a way that it was easily understandable.

Mr. Hatchett always helped me on my form, which is a memorized pattern of kicks, blocks, and other hand techniques, such as punches. He demonstrated a vast amount of patience whenever he instructed me in this area, because the memorization required to learn forms was unlike anything I had ever encountered before. I enjoyed sparring him because he would never purposely overwhelm me, unlike a few of the other black belts who effortlessly conquered me time and time again. Mr. Hatchett would spar me hard enough to give me a challenge, but not to the point that I was unable to act at all.

Through Mr. Hatchett's instruction, I learned perseverance, courage, courtesy, integrity, and community. He taught me to believe in myself and face dangers head on, enduring whatever came in my direction. After he broke his leg while sparring, he showed an extraordinary amount of perseverance and bravery, for he continued his Taekwondo training as soon as his leg had healed. Mr. Hatchett also taught me to be courteous to others, as seen with his insistence that I address all black belts as 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' as well as answer to the senior belts with a 'yes sir' or a 'yes ma'am.' The concept of community became more important as I rose in rank, for I too found myself assisting the lower ranks. I could not have completely grasped the importance of these tenets without the aid of Mr. Hatchett, who was a lighthouse in my instruction, illuminating the pathway to proficiency in martial arts. Now that I am a black belt myself, it is because of Mr. Hatchett's persuasion that I decided to work towards becoming a full-fledged instructor. He presented a way though which I can give back to the community. I currently help out others who are in the same situation that I once was as a lower rank, and I greatly enjoy seeing their delight as they practice Taekwondo.

Taekwondo imposed countless trials upon me, and Mr. Hatchett motivated me to continue to pursue it. I don't know how I could have made it through either middle or high school without having Mr. Hatchett there to teach me martial arts."

Miss Katelyn Gray



" Mr. Hatchett has the ability to see people's strength when they can not see it in themselves. My girls and I have been training with Mr. hatchett for the past two years and he has inspired each of us to reach not only our personal goals but to strive for more not only in TaeKwonDo but in all aspects of our lives. Mr. Hatchett teaches his students that TaeKwonDo is not just about self-defense but about:
Honoring your word no matter what.
Being Courteous to others at all times.
Keeping your Integrity when others may pressure you not to.
Persevering through tough times, even when it seems impossible.
Using Self Control in difficult situations.
Having Courage to face obstacles in life.
Helping your Community to make it a better place for everyone."

Mrs. Gigi Zettler


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